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A Little More About Our Naked Story

Anna started off like so many other soap makers by getting some soap kits to hand make gifts for Christmas. Fast forward a month and She is fascinated with crafting cold process soaps and everything snowballed from there. Anna spent many years as a Registered Nurse.  One of her first jobs was as a burn nurse in a pediatric intensive care unit. The importance of skin condition and healing wounds became second nature to Anna with her years spent in the unit. She has held many other nursing positions over the years, every single position evaluated skin condition, texture, moisture and color.

Soap making started off as a hobby and became a passion for creating beautiful soaps with incredible scents. Mica’s, oxides and dioxides are used for creating beautiful colored soaps. Natural herbs and spices are used to color soap using many of the same techniques. Bath products come out beautiful and skin nourishing. Fragrances Oils and essential oils are chosen carefully for each soap and product produced. Fragrance oils are used for all the beautiful colored swirl soap and essential oils are used for the natural line of soap and skin care products.  

 It just makes sense if you have a soap company to also add other skin care products. Bath Bombs, Body Butters, Scrubs and Lotion sticks followed soon after soap making started. Many other ideas are in testing stages so please stick around and see what we come up with next. Olive Oil is a wonderful carrier oil to get deep into cellular structure, The Naked Frog is lucky enough to be associated with Rocca Bella Olive Oil Company in Burson, CA.  All of our products are now made with olive oil, not olive oil pomace but real olive oil that adds lather and hardness to our soap bars.


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Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Anna Stepp

Founder / Owner of The Naked Frog